Exoskeleton Microscope Challenge!

Today, during JPOD science, Charlie came in with an extremely interesting exoskeleton for everyone to look at. All the JPOD children know what this is – but can you figure it out by looking at the photographs that our digital microscope took?

Any comments (that aren’t from the JPOD) that are correct will earn house points! And, we are getting to the end of Term 2 so this could make all the difference with a house party!

Photo on 6-18-14 at 2.37 PM


Photo on 6-18-14 at 2.34 PM


Photo on 6-18-14 at 2.34 PM #2


Photo on 6-18-14 at 12.41 PM #2


Photo on 6-18-14 at 12.44 PM #2


Photo on 6-18-14 at 12.41 PM


Good luck guessing…

7 thoughts on “Exoskeleton Microscope Challenge!

  1. What a great wondering Mrs Lynch… I think you’ve got a great scientific mind! I won’t tell you just yet…

  2. Isla was wondering if near the end of it’s tail was dangerous? If it was poisonous?
    But said she knows they nip..lol =)

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