During Term 3, all students will be learning about Earth and Space Science. As part of the study on Earth, we have designed a HOME VOLCANO CHALLENGE!

This is an exciting opportunity to link the learning we do at school, with our students and families at home.

Students will have all term to work on their VOLCANO AT HOME, with the chance to display them during Science Week – which is the last week of this term.

There will be a MASS ERUPTION of all Volcanoes in the Science Room.

Siblings can work together, or individually, to produce a working model of a volcano.

Students will bring along their model, plus a container of vinegar and bi-carb soda to ERUPT their model in the Science Room as part of the competition.

There are MAJOR prizes to be won! So get studying, thinking and creating – and don’t forget to test your Volcano at home before the competition!




Good luck!

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