The Science of 2017

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to all new and returning families.  Here at the Science of Grovedale West you will find some information about the sort of activities and investigations that the students have been doing in Science.  It is also an opportunity for students to show parents a little of what they have been discovering in Science.  The site will at times be used as a forum for requesting resources that you may have around the home!

First off for the year I would like to make a request!!  If families were able to donate to the school any hand tools that they have at home but no longer use we would really appreciate it.  Some of the things that we are looking for include:

  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Clamps
  • Saws (tenon, panel, pruning)
  • Digging forks
  • Spades
  • Secateurs

To support our science activities we would love you to collect items at home and send them along to school.

Some of the items that we require are:

  • glass jars (especially Dolmio)
  • clean tin cans
  • metal patty pans (eg. mince pie containers)
  • postage tubes
  • bubble wrap
  • unwanted metal bolts and screws
  • electrical wire ( especially copper wire)
  • 1.25 plastic soft drink bottles
  • unwanted fish tanks ( preferably smaller ones)
  • unwanted balls – eg. rubber bouncy balls,
  • marbles
  • tennis balls
  • cardboard rolls from paper towel and glad wrap (no toilet rolls)
  • shoe boxes
  • large vitamin containers

Thanks in advance for your support of the Science program.


Level 2: Spinning in Space

During the first few weeks of Term 4, Level 2 students have been exploring their knowledge of our solar system and in particular the relationship between the Earth, moon and sun.

We have explored our thoughts about what causes night and day and and have discussed the sizes of the moon and sun in comparison to the Earth.  We now move into the explain phase of our investigation and begin to find out more about the systems we take for granted and clearly have quite a few misconceptions about.

This week’s lesson was designed to help students to get an understanding of the sheer size of our sun in comparison with Earth and the moon, as well as an apprecitation for the perspective we have on the Universe from where we are.

The video below shows some of the ideas students are beginning to develop about these big concepts and outlines the experiment we performed.  There will be definitely more work on this to ensure students can develop solid understandings of the sizes and distances involved, as well as the patterns that dictate our days, months and years.




Level 2: Pushes and Pulls

This term the Level 2 kids have learnt all about different pushes and pulls and have experienced different push forces of air and water against the pull force of gravity. This lesson was a culmination of the work we have done and let the kids explore the relationship between surface area and air resistance. This was a fun way to help students to learn about conducting a fair test and the importance of isolating only one factor at a time to answer our question.
This is just one lesson from the term 3 unit on Pushes and Pulls. Stay tuned for more level 2 work and results from our reflection on the unit early in term 4!
Mr H 🙂