The Science of 2017

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to all new and returning families.  Here at the Science of Grovedale West you will find some information about the sort of activities and investigations that the students have been doing in Science.  It is also an opportunity for students to show parents a little of what they have been discovering in Science.  The site will at times be used as a forum for requesting resources that you may have around the home!

First off for the year I would like to make a request!!  If families were able to donate to the school any hand tools that they have at home but no longer use we would really appreciate it.  Some of the things that we are looking for include:

  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Clamps
  • Saws (tenon, panel, pruning)
  • Digging forks
  • Spades
  • Secateurs

To support our science activities we would love you to collect items at home and send them along to school.

Some of the items that we require are:

  • glass jars (especially Dolmio)
  • clean tin cans
  • metal patty pans (eg. mince pie containers)
  • postage tubes
  • bubble wrap
  • unwanted metal bolts and screws
  • electrical wire ( especially copper wire)
  • 1.25 plastic soft drink bottles
  • unwanted fish tanks ( preferably smaller ones)
  • unwanted balls – eg. rubber bouncy balls,
  • marbles
  • tennis balls
  • cardboard rolls from paper towel and glad wrap (no toilet rolls)
  • shoe boxes
  • large vitamin containers

Thanks in advance for your support of the Science program.


Welcome to 2016

Hello and welcome to a brand new year of learning in the Science Room.

Please check in here regularly to find out about all of the exciting things that have been happening in the science room.

If you have any 1lt milk/juice containers or 1.25lt soft drink containers lying around at home please feel free to drop them at the science room!

Representations in Science

Prep Representations

An important part of science inquiry is asking questions and having a go at answering them. As our younger children are just starting to master the art of writing, Science Representations are a vital part of their thinking. The prep children have produced some exceptional representations after asking “how many legs does this bug have?”

They were viewing an insect that had caught their attention outside. It was carefully collected for observation using our bug viewers, this allows the children to safely observe something up close.

The natural flow of investigation and questioning begun and the students began to draw what they could see in order to count the number of legs.

Childrens natural inquiry into the scientific world is being promoted strongly in our classrooms, as well as our specialist science program!

Lets explore Science! It’s everywhere!

Mrs G



Preps: Watching the Weather

During term 4, The Preps are learning to Observe and report using descriptive language and symbols in our “Weather in My World” unit. This unit explores different weather patterns and helps kids develop the language skills to describe accurately what they see. As part of this unit, the Preps are keeping a weather chart in the classroom and have been making daily observations and reporting them on this chart using symbols. As well as learning about the units of degrees Celcius and the language used to describe weather patterns, this investigation has helped the Preps work on times as they have developed a program to use our weather station to take hourly readings and report during the day.
This is a great unit and another example of how Grovedale West is ‘linking learning to life’
Please enjoy the video!

Mr H.

Prep Learning: On the Move!!

Last week the preps explored how toys move and developed language to describe the forces at work.  They made comparisons between toys that were pulled and pushed and learned how to construct a Venn diagram to explore the differences and similarities in the toys.

It was really great to observe the kids using technical language to verbalise their understandings of how the toys work.  As they work through the rest of this unit they will develop a clear conception of how things can move and some of the factors that can affect that movement.


Prep Science: Term 2, 2012.

The Preps have worked so hard to learn about the five senses this term.  They have discovered how our sense organs send messages to our brain for interpretation and our brain then makes sense of the world through these messages.

This work has required lots of testing of our senses where we created a magnificent touch board and had a taste and smell test at the end of the term.

A great unit from the Preps showing their understanding through creating a ‘Five Senses Book’.  This book includes contributions from almost every student.  See if you can recognise your child’s work or if they can show you their efforts in their own take home book.

Thanks for the ongoing support from the Prep team and all of the parents and students.  I look forward to next term.


Mr H 🙂