Hello world!

Welcome to Grovedale West Primary School Science and Technology.  A new blog to share and celebrate the work going on in the science program at Grovedale West Primary School.  As time goes on work, learning, reflections and shared media will begin to pop up here.  Feel free to add to discussions and let students and staff know you are learning with us.  We look forward to sharing our learning with the world and hope you are able to help us celebrate the real world learning going on in our program.

The focus of the science and technology program is to give students opportunities to explore and investigate issues and topics that are relevant to them and the world in which we live.  We use technology resources such as notebooks, iPads, iPods and various multimedia devices to present learning and will endeavour to share as much work as we can.

As with all educational blogs, we ask that comments are related strictly to the learning going on and that you never use full names or other personal details that could identify students on this space.  All published work is done so with permission from key stakeholders including parents, students and staff.  If you have any questions please leave them in the discussion area and feel free to contact the school at any time.