The Science of Toys – House point challenge!

In the junior area we are currently discovering physics by playing  with toys! The children think it is exciting to come along to science and play with toys to learn new things!

We have talked about different movements in our world, and through this we have discovered there are forces in action, such as push and pull!

The preps have been able to sort their ideas using Venn Diagrams!

the Jpod students have been able to see Gravity in action and will be on the look out for ‘The Force’…

Can you find out what forces are in action with some of your toys at home? For anyone that comments on our blog about a force in action in their home, there will be house points up for grabs!


Our Beautiful Phasmids

Fantastic Phasmids

Did you know that the exoskeleton of a Phasmid is camouflaged to its surrounding habitat?

And that Phasmids have anatomical similarities to ants?

Well, the 1/2 students certainly know this and many more wonderful facts about Phasmids because we have been given two female Phasmids by Asha and Levi.

These intriguing additions to our Science family are more commonly known as spiny leaf, or stick insects. They live in a terrarium in the Science room and casually feed on gum leaves. They require a spritz ing of water two times a day and are very social insects. They love to explore their world and are handled easily.

Do you know anything about Phasmids?



Code for Caring

With such an increase in curiosity, our students have embraced science of the natural world. We ensure our children follow our Code for Caring both at school, and out in the wonderful wide world! You can too – simply remember to leave things where they are, take photographs to share and if you are with an adult who has a bug viewer, you may observe the insect for a brief time, returning it to where you found it as soon as you’ve photographed it. Everything in our world has an important job to do, so let them get back to it!

Mrs G


Representations in Science

Prep Representations

An important part of science inquiry is asking questions and having a go at answering them. As our younger children are just starting to master the art of writing, Science Representations are a vital part of their thinking. The prep children have produced some exceptional representations after asking “how many legs does this bug have?”

They were viewing an insect that had caught their attention outside. It was carefully collected for observation using our bug viewers, this allows the children to safely observe something up close.

The natural flow of investigation and questioning begun and the students began to draw what they could see in order to count the number of legs.

Childrens natural inquiry into the scientific world is being promoted strongly in our classrooms, as well as our specialist science program!

Lets explore Science! It’s everywhere!

Mrs G



Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our wonderful families that subscribed to our science blog during our Welcome night.

The Science room was such a buzz, with families chatting about our Jelly fish, Charlie Bones the friendly skeleton, looking into the microscopes, testing their senses and trying to find our ants in their home!

Science continues to be an exciting part of our students learning at Grovedale West and we encourage you to participate in our learning together. You can contribute on our blog, talk about all things ‘science’ with your families and please know that you are welcome into our room to play with the digital microscopes! We know how much fun they can be!

Thanks again for sharing the science learning with us, we leave you with this…

science joke


Mrs Gardiner


Science 2014


Hello and welcome to the 2014 Science Blog.  Mrs Gardiner and Mr Greenwood  are the science teachers for this year and we have some exciting lessons planned.  Throughout the year we will be studying the earth and things that grow on it.  We will also look at the sky and learn about what happens away from earth.

As mentioned at the end of last year we are always on the lookout for jars, egg cartons, cardboard boxes and other science equipment. Just give them a clean and drop them into the science room.

If any parents are wondering what happens at Grovedale West in the science room, please feel free to call in and have a look round!

Preps: Watching the Weather

During term 4, The Preps are learning to Observe and report using descriptive language and symbols in our “Weather in My World” unit. This unit explores different weather patterns and helps kids develop the language skills to describe accurately what they see. As part of this unit, the Preps are keeping a weather chart in the classroom and have been making daily observations and reporting them on this chart using symbols. As well as learning about the units of degrees Celcius and the language used to describe weather patterns, this investigation has helped the Preps work on times as they have developed a program to use our weather station to take hourly readings and report during the day.
This is a great unit and another example of how Grovedale West is ‘linking learning to life’
Please enjoy the video!

Mr H.