Level 2: Spinning in Space

During the first few weeks of Term 4, Level 2 students have been exploring their knowledge of our solar system and in particular the relationship between the Earth, moon and sun.

We have explored our thoughts about what causes night and day and and have discussed the sizes of the moon and sun in comparison to the Earth.  We now move into the explain phase of our investigation and begin to find out more about the systems we take for granted and clearly have quite a few misconceptions about.

This week’s lesson was designed to help students to get an understanding of the sheer size of our sun in comparison with Earth and the moon, as well as an apprecitation for the perspective we have on the Universe from where we are.

The video below shows some of the ideas students are beginning to develop about these big concepts and outlines the experiment we performed.  There will be definitely more work on this to ensure students can develop solid understandings of the sizes and distances involved, as well as the patterns that dictate our days, months and years.




2012 Victorian Model Solar Boat Challenge

Another fantastic day was had this year by all of the participants, parents, teachers and friends at the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge, held at Scienceworks.  Around forty of our Level 4 students attended on the day but the entire unit took part in this challenge at school during the normal Science & Tech classes on a Tuesday.

Although it became very windy in the afternoon and the Sun was not always shining bright we were able to place well in the preliminary rounds and got a few boats through tho the second round of the finals.  It was very clear that our hard work had improved our boats significantly but there is still much learning and testing to be done if we wish to compete for top honours on the race day.

This engineering challenge is a huge event and has become a focus of our Science & Technology program at Grovey West.  The kids enjoy the design and build phases of our project but the real excitement and reflection comes on race day and on the bus on the way home!  We are already discussing new ideas and designs to further improve next year and have earmarked a couple of earlier testing dates to ensure we are ready come race day.

All of the work that goes into the challenge teaches students to work within teams, design and produce a quality product, test and evaluate that product, build and test complex wiring circuits, work to a strict deadline, act on feedback and represent their school with pride in a statewide event on a non-school day.  This dedication and hard work certainly paid off for our students as they have had a great time taking part and are aloready looking forward to another assault on the title next year.


Level 2: Pushes and Pulls

This term the Level 2 kids have learnt all about different pushes and pulls and have experienced different push forces of air and water against the pull force of gravity. This lesson was a culmination of the work we have done and let the kids explore the relationship between surface area and air resistance. This was a fun way to help students to learn about conducting a fair test and the importance of isolating only one factor at a time to answer our question.
This is just one lesson from the term 3 unit on Pushes and Pulls. Stay tuned for more level 2 work and results from our reflection on the unit early in term 4!
Mr H 🙂

Level 3: Packaging Design and Production

We have all seen the great work going into the MiPod Business venture for the Spring Fair.  In Science and Technology we have been designing and producing prototypes for packaging of the great circus equipment being created.

Students have been required to research and test various materials and then choose the best material to suit the design brief which they helped to create.  Among the considerations that they needed to think about were cost, protection of the product, aesthetics, and the environmental impact of the package.

The Level 3 students have all worked really hard to design and produce their prototypes and will over the next week choose which ones will go into manufacture to hold onto their circus equipment.  Check out this slideshow featuring the great packages that have been made!




Prep Learning: On the Move!!

Last week the preps explored how toys move and developed language to describe the forces at work.  They made comparisons between toys that were pulled and pushed and learned how to construct a Venn diagram to explore the differences and similarities in the toys.

It was really great to observe the kids using technical language to verbalise their understandings of how the toys work.  As they work through the rest of this unit they will develop a clear conception of how things can move and some of the factors that can affect that movement.


Prep Science: Term 2, 2012.

The Preps have worked so hard to learn about the five senses this term.  They have discovered how our sense organs send messages to our brain for interpretation and our brain then makes sense of the world through these messages.

This work has required lots of testing of our senses where we created a magnificent touch board and had a taste and smell test at the end of the term.

A great unit from the Preps showing their understanding through creating a ‘Five Senses Book’.  This book includes contributions from almost every student.  See if you can recognise your child’s work or if they can show you their efforts in their own take home book.

Thanks for the ongoing support from the Prep team and all of the parents and students.  I look forward to next term.


Mr H 🙂

Hello world!

Welcome to Grovedale West Primary School Science and Technology.  A new blog to share and celebrate the work going on in the science program at Grovedale West Primary School.  As time goes on work, learning, reflections and shared media will begin to pop up here.  Feel free to add to discussions and let students and staff know you are learning with us.  We look forward to sharing our learning with the world and hope you are able to help us celebrate the real world learning going on in our program.

The focus of the science and technology program is to give students opportunities to explore and investigate issues and topics that are relevant to them and the world in which we live.  We use technology resources such as notebooks, iPads, iPods and various multimedia devices to present learning and will endeavour to share as much work as we can.

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